PrepperPrepper Open Data Bank


Prepper Open Data Bank provides various Japanese open data that can be processed immediately without data preparation.

1. BETA version to be released soon

Starting in September 2023, prefectural level data previously published in the JAPANESE CENSUS&SPATIAL (abbreviated as former C&S) will be included.

In addition, the following will be released soon.

Japanese Prefecture Data is a collection of statistical and spatial data at the prefectural level in Japan, which is published on the government statistics portal site "e-stat" and prepared by truestar that can be immediately utilized in data analysis. This database includes various statistical information such as total population and workforce data classified by gender and age group, and provides abundant data necessary for prefectural level analysis.

As survey statistical data, we consolidated tables without classifying them by surveys such as the National Census and Housing and Land Statistics Survey into one table called "Prefecture Survey Statistical Data [PR_ST]". To make it easier to understand the content of each column shown in "Prefecture Survey Statistical Data [PR_ST]", we have also created tables for statistical survey attribute information called "Prefecture Statistical Data Master [PR_ST_MST]" and survey overview information called "Prefecture Survey Master [PR_TB_MST]".

We prepared "Prefecture Master [PR_MST]" which combines prefecture codes and names, "Prefecture Representative Point Data [PR_GEO_PT]" based on the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan's office information, and "Prefecture Polygon Data [PR_GEO_PG]" based on the polygon of the National Geospatial Information as geographic information.

We also share views with minimum necessary columns for each statistical survey which is classified by category and survey year, so that users can use only the necessary statistical surveys. In addition, these views are combined with "Prefecture Master [PR_MST]", and the prefecture codes and names are assigned.

1. Production release (E_PODB, J_PODB schema)

Prefectural-level data previously released in the JAPANESE CENSUS&SPATIAL (abbreviated as oldk C&S) will also be included.