PrepperPrepper Open Data Bank


Prepper Open Data Bank provides various open data in Japan that can be processed without data preparation.

※ All data is already published. The BETA version is scheduled to close at the end of 2023.

Japanese Street Data is data collected and processed by truestar from the town-level statistics and spatial data of the Japanese national census, which is published on the government statistics portal site "e-stat", so that it can be effectively utilized for data analysis.

This data includes total population data classified by gender, age group, and homeownership, as well as data on students and workers. It can be used at the town level. Analysts can use this data to easily conduct various analyses at a high granularity regarding the population dynamics and geographical factors throughout Japan.

By using BI and GIS tools, mapping, analysis, and report creation using town-level data can be easily done. It can be utilized for various purposes such as analyzing market needs and characteristics by region and demand forecasting.

We have prepared three types of data: tables with column names that are easy to handle for analysis in SQL or system integration, views with column names in both Japanese and English that are easy to use in BI tools such as Tableau.

We also introduce YouTube videos that visualize the data using Tableau in "Town Geodata [ST_CS20_GEO]" and "Town Master Data [ST_CS20_MST]".

The data at the town level, which was previously published in JAPANESE CENSUS&SPATIAL (abbreviated as old C&S), is also included.