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This is a dataset of municipal survey statistics data processed by truestar based on data published on the government statistics e-Stat website.


This dataset provides statistical information on cities and towns. By using the ESTATDB_STATS_FULL_ID (statistical code assigned by truestar), you can easily obtain the survey attributes of each statistical indicator by combining with the “CI_ST_MST” table for city and town statistical data. Also, by using CITY_CODE (city and town code), you can obtain city and town information by combining with the “CI_MST” table. If you want to visualize spatial information, you can also combine with the “CI_GEO_PT” and “CI_GEO_PG” tables for representative point and polygon data for cities and towns.

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Special Notes

The total value of municipal data does not match the value of the prefectural data due to the following reasons:

① There are records of municipalities where the numerical values are missing (represented as “X” in e-stat), although the records themselves exist. The missing records are treated as Null and do not affect the total value of each municipality. On the other hand, even in municipalities where data is missing, the value is reflected in the prefectural data.

② PODB CITY DATA does not aggregate records at the level of municipalities or below in the tabulation. In addition, there are cases where statistical data below the level of municipalities does not exist, which may cause discrepancies between the municipal and prefectural data.

③ Differences in the aggregation methods at each regional level may cause discrepancies between the prefectural and municipal data. For example, the aggregation of incoming population may differ depending on whether only incoming foreigners are included or whether incoming people from other regions in the country are included, depending on the regional level.

④ The Housing and Land Survey does not cover towns and villages with a population of less than 15,000, so about one-third of the municipalities are not included in the survey. In addition, there is no data for some towns and villages in the Industrial Statistics Survey (18 towns and villages are excluded).