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This dataset includes the railway polyline data, which is edited by truestar based on the railway data of Digital National Land Information provided by MLIT – Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.


We set the polyline data of railway sections to be one record for each “institution type”, “operation company” and “railway line name”. You can try the spatial join with “POINT_STATION_01” or other datasets which are released at Snowflake Data Marketplace.
For your information, please be careful when you deal with “railway line name”, since it is often different between the generic term and the official term especially of JR lines. If you don’t need “railway line name”, please use “POLYLINE_RAILWAY_02”.

Data Fields



Edited by truestar based on the railway data, which is cited from Digital National Land Information provided by MLIT

Special Notes

1/ Regarding railway line names:


Mainly in JR, what is generally used as a line name is the operation system name. This name is different from the line name of the railway data published in the National Land Numerical Information, which requires careful consideration when being deployed. For example, the Yamanote line in fact includes 30 stations forming a ring shape such as Tokyo station and Shinbashi station, however only stations from Shinagawa to Tabata are registered. Other stations are registered in other lines, for instance Kanda station in Chuo line, Akihabara station in Soubu line, Ueno station in Touhoku line, etc., which is difficult to understand for normal users.

Therefore, Prepper Open Data Bank (hereinafter referred to as PODB) has prepared two datasets, one that retains the route name (POLYLINE_RAILWAY_01) and one without the route name (POLYLINE_RAILWAY_02). We hope users may have the freedom to choose either dataset which fits their own needs.


When deploying both station and railway section data, please use either of the following combinations:





2/ Regarding railway class

“RAILWAY_CLASS” is excluded from the railway section data because there are cases where “RAILWAY_CLASS” is different for some stations. For example, since the Chuo line of the Osaka City Metro includes both tracks (軌道) and ordinary railway tracks (普通鉄道) in ” POINT_STATION_01″ but only ordinary tracks (普通軌道) in the railway section data, using RAILWAY_CLASS in this case may cause inconsistencies.


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