PrepperPrepper Open Data Bank


The Prepper Open Data Bank provides a variety of Japanese open data for immediate processing without data prep.

In addition to date and day information, Japanese Calendar Data contains information on national holidays and substitute holidays announced by the Cabinet Office every February, as well as information on weekends, weekdays, GW, year-end and New Year holidays, and days before holidays.
By being pre-flagged with viewpoints that affect marketing activities for various businesses, the data is processed into a form that can be immediately used in machine learning and other data analysis using daily data.

The data is available from January 1, 2010. As the information on holidays and substitute holidays until the end of the following year is usually published in February, we will update the data for the following year after that. (Annual update)

We have prepared three views: a table with column names that are easy to handle when analyzing with SQL or integrating with systems, and views with Japanese and English column names that are easy to use with BI tools such as Tableau.