PrepperPrepper Open Data Bank


The Prepper Open Data Bank provides various Japanese open data that can be processed immediately without data preparation.

Japanese Calendar Data includes date and day of the week information, as well as flags pre-processed based on various factors that affect marketing activities of businesses, such as holidays and substitute holidays announced by the Cabinet Office every February, weekends, weekdays, Golden Week, year-end and New Year holidays, and the day before a holiday. These flags allow for immediate utilization in data analysis, including machine learning, using daily data.

The holiday and substitute holiday information for the following year is typically released in February of each year, and we update the data accordingly.

The Japanese Calendar [JAPAN_CALENDAR] holds data from January 1, 2010. We provide three types of views: a table with column names that are easy to handle for analysis in SQL and system integration, views with column names in both Japanese and English that are easy to use in BI tools like Tableau.