PrepperPrepper Open Data Bank


Prepper Open Data Bank provides various Japanese open data that can be processed without data preparation.

Japanese Corporate Data contains corporate information in Japan that has been processed by truestar based on the open data from gBizINFO of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

gBizINFO integrates and aggregates government-held data from various sources such as the National Tax Agency, Financial Services Agency, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. You can utilize these data without the need to download or understand the specifications of APIs.

In addition, starting from March 2023, we have added employee count (insured persons) data from the Japan Pension Service, collected and processed by TSUIDE Inc. and Houjin-Bangou Inc.

All shared corporate information includes a corporate number, allowing you to easily extract information for any desired company using the corporate number as a key.

The datasets included here are as follows:

On the "Basic Information of Japanese Corporations [CORP_BASIC]" page, we have included a YouTube video that explains how to integrate corporate number data into Salesforce.

[Important Notice] (2024.1.5)
Due to the very high cost burden of collecting and processing EMPLOYEE data, we have decided to change the method of operation on the PODB after the February 2024 update. Please refer to the "Number of Employees of Japanese Corporations [CORP_EMPLOYEE]" page for details.